Mahayogi Gagangiri
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The Western Industrial Civilization after its full blossom of high technology and productive systems, has now come to a stage of breakdown, the autumn of its growth. It is experiencing an era of cynicism and despair. Technology alone has no solutions for the human nature of problems. The West is looking towards the wisdom of the East for spiritual nourishment and for the importance of spirit in everyday life, work situations, and in organizational tranformation. Its significance is very well understood. The modern industrial person is now in search for his soul and spirit.

This is the Turning point from old mechanistic partial thinking to a holistic systems approach of modern science, and of the new rising planetary culture. The new Age thinkers are advocating a great shift from narrow embedded thinking to responsive self-reflective thinking and all great religions of the world speak of this unity and wholeness which lies at the core of their spiritual heritage. The New Age thinkers propagate the message and philosophy of Voluntary Simplicity which is to live a voluntary conscious and a materially simple life having a direct and full encounter with day to day life situations. This ideal of Voluntary simplicity is what the Indian saints, sages and sadhus have been practicing for ages but has not been well understood by many people. In the light of the West's new quest for spiritual life and voluntary simplicity, we in India have a duty to investigate, to evaluate and enhance our spiritual and cultural heritage. This is the need and challenge of the time. The composite culture of all religions, all saints, sages and sadhus is to be supported and accepted with a depth of understanding and in the spirit of self-renewal and regeneration.

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