Mahayogi Gagangiri
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Attainted Mahasamadhi in the wee hours of the morning of 4th February 2008.

The News of the Mahasamadhi of this exalted soul spread like wild fire and even in the early morning thousands of devotees from far and near thronged the Khopoli ashram to seek his last darshan .Look and behold ! Maharaj gave darshan reclining on his favorite jhoola in precisely the same posture and with the same radiance and infinite grace as before. it was in this very state of divine ecstasy and composure that his mortal remains were consigned to the mother earth at the very spot chosen earlier by Maharaji Sri himself for his immortal abode.

Baba Sri Gagan Giri Maharaj so affectionately reserved by millions of our country men from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kutch to Kolkata encompassing different cultures and languages was the mentor alike for the poor and down trodden and for the multitude of budding sadhus and seekers.

Baba Sri has fulfilled the mission of this earthly existence to reach the highest goal of self realisation .The true seekers amongst his numerous devotees need not grieve because the light emanating from this exalted soul shines now even brighter then before to illuminate the souls of the true seekers to blossom in supreme bliss and perennial joy.

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