Mahayogi Gagangiri
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For his penance, swamiji had prepared mattresses of grass. He found his mattress growing like living vegetarian. This was considered as an experience, when tantrik technique is perfected. He did a number of Kaya Kalpas (rejuvenation). In this process he invented several new concepts in tantrik techniques and proved them true. He did penance at a number of places like Mauli Kund, Mauli Kada, Zanzu water, Mausames Kada, Kasarbari, Jinger's water, Sambur Kunda, Holi's Kada, Margages water, Jungledev patti, Shirale, (all of Maharashtra state) etc.

During monsoon, he stayed in the cave at Garbhagiri, Gagangiri. He did penance in a pond near the river at Sangashi, Vazar, Vesaraf, Palsambe, Ramling etc. Later he went to Vijaydurg, Konkan area of Maharashtra State, where from he reached Mumbai, erstwhile Bombay, by steamer. During 1945 to 1948, he did Kaya Kalpa At Angale, near Rajapur of Konkan region of Maharashtra state. In Bombay between 1948 to 1950, he stayed in Dadi Hirji Parsee graveyard, near the temple of Sri Maruti at Shirdi near Walkeshwar. Similarly, he did penance in the barren, rocky beach at Breach Candy, Mahalaxmi, Ban Ganga etc. He also did penance in the puppety bunglow of Dadi Hirji, as well as near the well of the graveyard. During this period several rulers and princes such as Sayajirao Gaikawad,Madharao Shinde,Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj,Rajaram Maharaj(Kolhapur), Bavdeker Sarkar,Bhausaheb Pant Amatya,Maharani Tarabai(Sayajirao Gaikwad's daughter) and number of ruling families came for his blessings.

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