Mahayogi Gagangiri
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"Social disequilibrium, political instability and the deterioration of human values are the order of the day. The growing crisis entraps the life of the common man, whose needs continue to increase, making the problem more and more acute. Roughing it up against all these odds with courage and a firm stand will resolve some challenges. But basically an attitude of self-reliance and cooperation is needed to counter this negative environment. Acceptance of the commitments and challenges in one's life with poise and an open attitude is the first threshold of spiritual life."

When you come to this mountain, I appeal to you to shift your attitude. A shift from the pursuit of need fulfillment and personal problems towards the quest for knowledge and wisdom. There is the fundamental difference in the life of a Yogi and other human beings. The common man is perpetually dependent. He is ignorant and unsure of his capabilities. He has not developed the ability to use his creative intelligence. He lives on borrowed knowledge. How long can you pull-on with a borrowed existence ? On the other hand, a Yogi is autonomous. He is self contained and complete."

"In all these years of your pilgrimage to Gagangad, the Immense Power within these hills has barely touched anyone - Living on this mountain demands a rare courage. Initially the environment here appears lonely, desolate and scary ! But as one fathoms this Void, one can hear a call from the unknown. It will be the beginning of a dialogue. This mountain breathes ! It radiates tremendous energy. This Power can absorb and engulf any human suffering or sorrow. My life has been ever renewed by it, making me respond moment to moment.

Human senses and intellect undergo a mutation through an association with this Immensity. Now my body does not have an existence by itself. It has developed a strong permanent bond with this Power. The Power has taught me devotion. It has taught me to assume responsibility and action for the world."

"With Divine grace, we have embarked upon an odyssey. We must act, with commitment, faith and devotion. Success should not blind us nor failures confuse us. We are ever guided by the Void. The world evolves from it. Our creative intelligence, guided by the energy from the Void, can help us in meeting today's challenges."

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