Mahayogi Gagangiri
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  • Ambolgad Ashram : A very rocky sea side where Maharaj use to frequently visit for doing his sadhana, in the salty waters. He use to carry out different experiments with his body. He use to sit in these waters upto late night on full moon day and practise his mastery for having control over evil energy. He use to do this in the cremation grounds. In this way he use to help his devotees to overcome theirevil energies and bless them with positive energies (Blessings) in theirphysical and mental health.
    At times he use to apply layers of Sea Shell paste on his face, hands and feet and dry them in the hot scorching rays of the sun . Then he use to take a warm water bath boiled with medicinal hers after 6-8 hours of sitting in the sun.
    Inspite of his while body getting sc scratchd and wounded at times with the strong rays on those hard rocks, he never deterred from the arduous of his penance.

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