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Message of Respected His Holiness Yogiraj Swami Chaitanya Gagangiri Maharaj ' Finalising of balance sheet of income and expenditure of human nature.'

"Today is the GUDHI PADVA DAY . The first day of the NEW YEAR. Financial year is over, balance sheets are completed at various places by reviewing and comparing income and expenditure of previous year to that of present year and budget is planned for the next year. This is regarding finance.

Now we will analyse our own nature. What good habits/ qualities we have adopted this year and what bad habits/qualities we have given up has to be reviewed. Whether our personality is developed or there is no change or whether it has gone bad that we will study now.

The qualities which will make our life perfect and fully developed are confidence, determination, self-control, fearlessness, happiness and thoughtfulness. Now we will see which of these qualities are already possessed by us and which qualities we have acquired now. We become happy when we see the balance left with us at the end of the year. The same degree of happiness overcomes us when we find that we have conquered over bad qualities by developing new habits and qualities among ourselves.

We know what is good and also know what is bad. By experience we learn that if we intend to do something we can do it. And therefore we must always determine to do good only.

As the age, power and status of the man rise his behaviour is expected to be more polished and well-mannered. We must understand that if we are four steps ahead this year, of last year then it is binding upon us to go further four steps ahead next year. Andif we have lagged (fallen) behind by four steps last year then we should be prepared to move eight steps ahead by finding out the reasons of lagging behind. When we become critic, then only we can evaluate ourselves and notice our faults which can be rectified by us in future. To conclude, when we are alone to ourselves, we should go through the diary of balance of income and expenditure of day today life."

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