Mahayogi Gagangiri
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Shree Gagangiri's Vision
Initiates a breed of self reliant, industrious, brave, cadre of young people dedicated to creating a harmonious material world based on spiritual values.

He asks each one of us to be a model for social transformation by practising spiritual values.

A new society based on Holistic Vision and Integral values as the basis for our whole life.

Shree Gagangiri's Synthesis
In Gagangiri, we find a rare combination of a yogi, a statesman, a social reformer, personal counsellor and a shaman. His vision of integrating day to day life with divine aspiration is remarkable.

He has a capacity to travel from this world to the other world and back.

Although himself a yogi and a recluse, he does not advocate renunciation. Onthe contrary his advice is always to face the challenges of the rigours of day to day life, fully with a spiritual approach.

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